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Fair Change: A Call for Code for Racial Justice Project

May 24, 2021 11:00 am EDT

Fair change: Capturing real-world data to provide insights and make recommendations that can drive racial equality 
🌹Short Abstract 
The solution is the foundation for a social and racial justice platform by empowering communities to captureincidents between police and contacted persons (for all racial groups), unify incident data from various sources, and gain insights from incident data within a location or/and across locations to aid education and reform. Prospectively, ultimate outcomes of this data-driven solution include accountability and education of law enforcement officers to perform their duties without bias as well as information for individuals, communities, and cities to avoid, deescalate, and eliminate dangerous encounters. 
👋🏻 Who should attend?
This IBM Developer event is open to everyone, and we encourage everyone to join the conversation. When we all have empathy for others, we can build amazing things that benefit everyone.
🎙 Speakers
James Stewart, IBM
John H Bosma, IBM
Jimi Agoro, IBM
Jodith Fecadu Teferi, IBM 
Kyleni Rivers, IBM
Otis Smart, IBM
Tess Olson, IBM