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From Startup to Enterprise. Hyperledger and the IBM Blockchain Platform

January 16, 2019 2:00 am MDT

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It is easy to get started writing Blockchain applications with Hyperledger Fabric. But what options do you have for moving your Hyperledger application to the cloud? What cloud do you select and once you’re in the cloud?How do you scale your Hyperledger application to Enterprise level?

After attending this on-line Meetup, you will learn

– when, how and why you leverage the Cloud
– what factors you need to be aware of to architect and implement your enterprise application.
– what development process you need to adapt to create application
– what resources you can make use of to quickly get your application up and running.

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Lennart Frantzell is a Developer Advocate with IBM based in San Francisco. He is focusing on Blockchain and Hyperledger, on Power AI and on Fintech. With a background in development and Cloud Computing and an interest in the local startup scene he spends his time at Meetups and his weekends at Hackathons.