Full stack Reactive in Practice with Kevin Webber

September 5, 2019

Curious what goes into a “Full Stack Reactive” project? In this webinar we cover the entire architecture of a Reactive system, from a responsive UI implemented with Vue.js, to a fully event sourced collection of microservices implemented with Java, Lagom, Cassandra, and Kafka. We’ll also cover the basics of deploying a Reactive system to Kubernetes using sbt and Lagom.

This webinar is based on the “Reactive in Practice” learning series published by Kevin on IBM Developer. Kevin has been collaborating with IBM to bring these learnings to anyone interested in applying Reactive patterns to real-world enterprise systems, including event sourcing and CQRS, using a hypothetical stock trading app as a reference architecture. Along with the core patterns of Reactive mentioned above, we’re also going to cover streaming in an enterprise context. The topics covered in this webinar are the core ingredients for a number of exciting initiatives in computing, such as using real-time streams emitted from a Reactive system in machine learning applications.