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GirlCon Chicago 2020


July 24, 2020 3:00 pm EST

Empowering the next generation of female leaders for our THIRD YEAR.

GirlCon is an annual Chicago-based event that is taking place in mid-July. Due to the circumstances, it will be virtual this year. GirlCon has breakout sessions from numerous companies that the attendees will have the opportunity to learn from and make connections with. We focus on how technology is a huge factor in EVERY career field, whether it be science, fashion, or anything that students are passionate about. The lack of diversity in STEM is a big issue that everyone on the GirlCon team is striving to fix. The attendees will have a chance to personally connect with companies from many different career paths and gain advice from women in both college and the workforce.


  • 550+ Attendees
    Anyone is free to attend virtually


  • 50+ Industry Professionals
    We invite incredible women to share their stories


  • From all over the United States
    Future leaders travel from across the country to join in on the excitement

Chicago, United States