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GTC’21 Virtual Conference

April 12, 2021 8:30 am PDT

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IBM is a Diamond Sponsor of NVIDIAs Global GTC 2021 Virtual Conference. The conference focuses on breakthroughs in AI, data center, accelerated computing, healthcare, intelligent networking, game development, and more.

IBM will present the following sessions at the conference:

SS33194: To the Edge with the Mayflower Autonomous Ship

Learn how the Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS) will self-navigate across oceans, run operations 24/7, and collect and analyze large amounts of real-time data on climate and ocean health with its AI Captain powered by IBM Automation. The MAS is led by the marine research organization, ProMare, with IBM acting as both lead technology partner and lead scientific partner for the project. To enable accelerated discovery that wasn’t possible before, the MAS will run AI & Automation workloads on NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Edge devices. MAS represents a new class of efficient, crewless, and solar-powered ships, which combines new and time-tested automation technologies. –
Autonomous Vehicles – Logistics & Transportation – Intermediate Technical – Partner Simulive (40-minute Recorded Talk with Chat) on April 15 @ 10 am Pacific – Presenter: Andy Stanford-Clark, Chief Technology Officer, IBM UK/Ireland

SS33231: Working Together: Four things a data scientist should demand from enterprise IT

As data science matures in an organization, there are new demands on the data science teams that are often unfamiliar. Rather than seeing the need to work with enterprise IT as an inhibitor to innovation, the data science teams should be asking the enterprise IT teams to actively apply their expertise to support the data science mission. Enhancements in storage, intelligent data management, and hybrid cloud make it easier to scale data science productivity and collaboration – if you know what to ask for. In this session, you will hear from IBM’s leader in enterprise data science, Steve Eliuk, as he describes the scale and the challenges of building their enterprise data science environment. And, how they are leveraging IBM’s tools and platforms to manage that growth. – Accelerated Data Science
All Industries – Intermediate Technical – Partner On-Demand Talk (40-minute Recorded Talk) – Presenter: Douglas O’Flaherty, Program Director, IBM Storage

SS33232: IBM + NVIDIA for Accelerated, High-Performing, and Secure ADAS/AV Development

The automobile is one of the most technically sophisticated and connected platforms on the planet. Building advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles (AV) combines miles and miles of data, consumer behavior, and simulation together. Simple access to data for deep learning AI, development, and system testing is required. These requirements create a growing need for hybrid cloud data management. To become industry leaders, ADAS/AV developers need a high-performance, accelerated, scalable information architecture which will help them deliver insights faster. NVIDIA and IBM Storage have been working together for many years to develop reference architectures, to deliver accelerated, high-performing, scalable and secure end-to-end AI infrastructure for ADAS/AV. – Autonomous Vehicles – Automotive – Intermediate Technical – Partner On-Demand Talk (40-minute Recorded Talk) – Presenter: Frank Kraemer, Systems Architect

SS33244: 300 Years In the Making: IBM is Solving Big Problems by Revitalizing Old Methods with New Technology

In the 1700s, Thomas Bayes created a now widely-known and relatively simple method for finding the probability of one event happening. Nearly 300 years later, NVIDIA GPUs made it possible to apply this theorem to the exploding field of high-performance computing. In this session, Matt Drahzal will share how IBM and NVIDIA collaborated to create an appliance for HPC clusters that will make workloads run faster and generate better results. Application areas that are already seeing strong results from the IBM Bayesian Optimization Accelerator include automotive, aerospace, electronic design, and oil & gas. – HPC & Supercomputing – All Industries – Beginner Technical – Partner On-Demand Talk (40-minute Recorded Talk) – Presenter: Matt Drahzal,
Worldwide Business Development – IBM Cognitive Systems IBM Systems