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Hacktoberfest: React pair programming session

October 23, 2021 7:00 am CDT

Join us for our pair programming session where we will be refactoring React components as part of Hacktoberfest!

Note: This event will happen in the Call for Code Slack community. 

We will be working through our Truth Loop solution. 

If you are interested in exploring React.js, getting some Hacktoberfest contribution this is the event for you!

Before the event, please:

1. Have the Truth Loop Project forked & cloned: https://github.com/Call-for-Code-for-Racial-Justice/Truth-Loop

2. Get the client app running locally (npm install & npm start)

3. Join us on Slack: http://callforcode.org/slack


1. Sign up for Call for Code Slack Workspace: http://callforcode.org/slack

2. Sign in to Call for Code Slack Workspace

3. Join #hacktoberfest channel at event time 

4. Join the Slack voice huddle in  #hacktoberfest channel at event time