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Hands on Introduction to NLP

April 29, 2020 9:30 am MST

This workshop introduces Natural Language Processing in Python. Attendees learn how to process text with NLTK and Gensim to derive useful insights. Foundational concepts like tokenization and part of speech tagging and complex topics like Word2Vec, sentiment analysis and topic modeling are covered.

How can computers interpret something so human like language? Can they actually understand what we are saying or are they hiding behind a façade of rules and algorithms? How do these systems of zeroes and ones make sense of words? This workshop introduces Natural Language Processing in Python and sheds light on how computers interpret our language. Attendees are introduced to NLTK and Gensim that help them tokenise, process and represent textual data. We will see how data is distilled into different linguistic features that power Machine Learning applications like text classifier, sentiment analyser and topic modeler.

Prerequisites – Curious minds ! Bring your laptop, and the rest happens on the cloud!

Speaker – Grishma Jena, Data Scientist for IBM

Focused on Cloud, Data and AI – implementing statistical models and providing analytical solutions to assess user expectations and deliver products with better user experience for IBM Cloud, Watson and other offerings across IBM Cloud, Data & AI portfolio.

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