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HydPy & PyLadiesHyd Meetup – Removing Bias in AI

July 11, 2020 7:00 am MST

Extensive evidence has shown that AI can embed human and societal bias and deploy them at scale. And many algorithms are now being reexamined due to illegal bias. So how do you remove bias & discrimination in the machine learning pipeline? In this webinar, you’ll learn the debiasing techniques that can be implemented by using the open-source toolkit AI Fairness 360.

AI Fairness 360 (AIF360) is an extensible, open-source toolkit for measuring, understanding, and removing AI bias. AIF360 is the first solution that brings together the most widely used bias metrics, bias mitigation algorithms, and metric explainers from the top AI fairness researchers across industry & academia.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

How to measure bias in your data sets & models
How to apply the fairness algorithms to reduce bias
How to apply a practical use case of bias measurement & mitigation in a data-driven medical care management scenario

Speaker: Upkar Lidder, IBM