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Hyperledger Fabric for Trusted IoT using Node-RED on IBM Cloud Kubernetes

New York

November 6, 2019

Providing architectures that are reliable (always on), responsive (fast) and massively scale (elastic) to consume the extremely high volumes that result from a gigantic event source, for example in Smart Agriculture, large grids IoT sensor devices are demonstrable of such a scenario.  Deciding on what cloud architecture and choosing the best technology stack to implement internet scale applications can be difficult to design, implement, deploy and run can be difficult.

In this 2 and a half hour hands on workshop we propose to demonstrate and teach one possible alternative to address the challenge stated above.  In this workshop we will show how to connect a simple IoT sensor to Node-RED platform on IBM Cloud, connect the incoming environmental events in Node-RED, connect some IBM Watson services to perform AI/ML and append resultant data on to a Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain running in a managed Kubernetes  cluster IBM Cloud

54 West 21st Street, Suite 1001, New York City, New York, 10010, United States