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IBM and ConSol present: Kubernetes as driver of generic IT automation using Ansible Operators


December 2, 2021 5:00 pm EEST

Kubernetes as a platform is moving fast from being the “new IT” to standing right in the center of most companies infrastructure. What does that mean for IT Automation? For its own purposes, Kubernetes already comes with a well-engineered declarative model of managing computing resources that has proven to be very efficient. In classic IT, likewise proven automation solutions like Red Hat Ansible are established. This forms two automation silos, and as we all know: Silos are a bad thing. Is there a way to bridge this gap?

In this session we will highlight the possibilities to use Kubernetes state management as backbone for IT automation by extending it with custom operators using Red Hat Ansible. Ansible with its focus on idempotency is a really great match for implementing Kubernetes-Operators and doing it to automate non-K8s resources, just like you would do with Ansible Tower, is easier than you might think. We will have a look at different use cases and provide a strategic outlook.

Speaker: Oliver Weise, ConSol

Oliver Weise leads a team of Software and DevOps engineers for Consol GmbH in its branch office in Düsseldorf, Germany. His main topics right now are cloud-native DevOps, IT automation and site reliability engineering.