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IBM and Viada Present: OpenShift for Developers – Built-in DevOps Tools


October 20, 2021 1:00 pm EEST

This session will be all about Java, Build Pipelines, Containers and OpenShift from a developer’s perspective! With a bit of theory to get us started, 
we’ll build our own Build Pipelines from scratch, which will allow us to fully automate Building, Testing and Deploying. From the git commit to running the application, it’s all there. On board the new OpenShift pipelines are supported by Red Hat in the form of a hardened version of the open source technology “Tekton” and the OpenShift GitOps Operator supported by Red Hat in the form of a hardened version of “ArgoCD”. All in all, it’s hands on Continuous Delivery, Containers and OpenShift.


This session is part of our three-day Developer Festival! Join us at this free, virtual event. Explore the variety of topics and innovations, whether existing tech or ground-breaking fields: from Machine Learning to DevOps. Here are some highlights not to miss: Quantum Computing and a Raspberry Pi?! Deploy a Chatbot to WhatsApp; Ethics and Artificial Intelligence. 

Developer Festival

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