IBM Code London/Bristol/Scotland – Auto AI: Build an application to predict insurance charges


July 9, 2020 4:00 pm GMT

This is a follow up workshop to the “Build and deploy custom AI predictive models” session held on May 7th.

For the workshop we will be using AutoAI, a graphical tool that analyses your dataset and discovers data transformations,

algorithms, and parameter settings that work best for your problem setting. 

We will then use a Flask web-application to connect to the deployed model.

In this workshop you will understand how to :

  • Setup quickly, the services on IBM Cloud for building the model.
  • Ingest the data and initiate the AutoAI process.
  • Build different models using AutoAI and evaluate the performance.
  • Choose the best model and complete the deployment.
  • Generate predictions using the deployed model
  • Compare the process of using AutoAI and building the model manually.
  • Visualise the deployed model using a front-end application.

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Speaker Yamini Rao

London, United Kingdom