IBM Code London Meetup @ Skills Matter – Knative


September 23, 2019 5:00 pm GMT

Techtalk for developers on Knative from Nima Kaviani

Kubernetes by large has won the platforms’ war. However, for an application developer, the details of getting an application up and running on Kubernetes is beyond what they need to care about. Efforts of implementing Serverless on top of Kubernetes aim at making the user experience simpler by removing the unnecessary complexities of Kubernetes.

Knative in particular is one of the major efforts in implementing Serverless on top of Kubernetes. In this talk we discuss the transition of starting with a Kubernetes application and making it serverless using Knative. We will show the user experience, and deployment experience of using Knative through real life examples. Finally we will discuss the path forward with serverless platforms on top of Kubernetes.

Skills Matter, Luke Street, London, United Kingdom