IBM Code London Meetup @ WeWork – Build a moderator bot for Slack


September 18, 2019

Hands on workshop for developers at WeWork by IBM Developer UK CIty team

Rude behavior. Angry or inappropriate messages. Explicit images. All of these things are used daily in social media platforms. So how can you filter out these issues? By building a chatbot that monitors messages and images. You can use this monitoring in a chat room like Slack or a website that allows reviews, and it can remove explicit images or inappropriate text.

During this workshop, you’ll create a chatbot that uses Serverless and AI services. The bot flow is using Watson Visual Recognition and Watson Natural Language Understanding to identify and remove explicit images and detect angry and inappropriate messages.

When you have completed this workshop, you will understand how to:
– Create a Slack bot using Serverless
– Use an image recognition service to detect explicit images
– Use a Natural Understanding service to detect emotions in a conversation

This is a hands-on session so please bring a laptop along!

Arlemi – Developer Advocate (@arlemi)

WeWork, 1 Fore Street, London, United Kingdom