IBM Code London @TechSpace – Hands-on with Quarkus: Coding that Sparks Joy in Java


December 4, 2019 6:30 pm GMT

In this hands-on workshop we will do exercises using the hot new Quarkus framework to build a sample app. Quarkus is based on Java standards such as CDI and JPA, and is built specifically to offer a compelling platform for building Serverless application, whether you run on Kubernetes or Cloud Functions.

Quarkus is also built to bring “developer joy” and makes development in Java fun and fluid and fast!

Join us to learn (and code!):
* Getting to know Quarkus – create a new project
* Building REST endpoints quickly using RESTEasy
* Easy to write unit tests with RESTAssured
* No-fuss and intuitive database access with Panache
* Deploy app as Cloud Function

TechSpace Shoreditch, Luke Street, London, United Kingdom