IBM Developer Tech Buffet: AI, Data Science, & IoT

New York

September 17, 2019 6:30 pm AST

One event, 3 tech flavors to choose from! Your choice!

We have several talks for you to choose from, each 20 minutes long. You will have the opportunity to eat dinner, mingle, attend at up to 3 talks, and speak with the presenters after all talks are complete.


630-7pm – doors open, food, drinks, and networking

7-830pm – Tech Buffet! 2-3 rooms, 2-3 talks in each room. Final schedule with times/rooms to be announced at the event.

Scheduled 20 Minute Talks

How to Keep Your Chat Bot Architecture Up and Running
by Steven W. Jones, Lead Architect, Messaging & AI

How to Improve Planning with Forecasting and Scenario Modeling
by Irina Saburova, Predictive Analytics

Augmented Intelligence Solution for Major IT Outages
by Alan Piciacchio, Senior Technology Staff, Engineering & Analytics

From Sensors to Insights: Applying AI to IoT DataAbstract
by John Walicki, CTO for IoT Developer Advocacy

Automate Social Media Analytics with Topic Models
by Serena Bellesi, Ph.D., Senior Data Scientist, ML Engineer

The Future is Here! AI & Machine Learning Deep Dive
by Benin Saffo, Data & AI, Cloud and Cognitive Software

Asset Health and Maintenance in the Digital Age
by G Adam Condo, Portfolio Manager, Cognitive Applications

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