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IBM & Infosys Present: Building Cloud Native Applications – 12 Factors to Cloud Success

March 23, 2021 11:00 am EST

In today’s modern world, developers are moving faster than ever to deliver apps that users want at a pace that a business needs.  Cloud-native development is just that.  It is much more than just a programming model or a new way of writing code, it is about changing an entire lifecycle of how requirements are collaboratively created, coded, tested and released. 

In this exclusive webinar designed by IBM Developer and Infosys, we will explore what it really means to be cloud native and how we can build cloud native applications while taking the 12 Factor App methodology into account. We will demonstrate the power of using IBM’s Cloud Native Toolkit on OpenShift, Red Hat’s premiere container orchestration platform. 

In this 90 minute webinar attendees will learn about:

  • Key concepts of cloud native development and best practices to consider when developing, testing, and deploying microservices
  • Real world use cases of building cloud native applications as presented by guest speakers from our partner Infosys
  • Tools and techniques to get started with building, testing and deploying cloud native applications using IBM Cloud Native Toolkit 

In the hands on workshop we will cover:

  • Pushing container images to a container registry
  • Deploying microservices to an OpenShift cluster
  • Working with CI/CD tools such as Tekton pipelines

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Pooja Mistry – IBM Developer 
Mangesh Patanker  – IBM Developer 
Manisha – Infosys Partner 
Balaji – Infosys Partner 


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