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IBM & Infosys Virtual Lab : Getting Started with OpenShift Pipelines

April 22, 2021 10:00 am EDT

In today’s modern world, developers are moving faster than ever to deliver apps that users want at a pace that a business needs.  Cloud-native development is just that.  It is much more than just a programming model or a new way of writing code, it is about changing an entire lifecycle of how requirements are collaboratively created, coded, tested, and released. 

In this exclusive virtual hands-on lab designed by IBM Developer and Infosys, we will explore what it really means to be cloud-native and how we can build cloud-native applications while taking the 12 Factor App methodology into account. We specifically are working with Openshift Pipelines to learn how to automate the deployment of applications.


In the hands-on virtual lab we will cover: 

  • Pushing container images to a container registry
  • Deploying microservices to an OpenShift cluster
  • Working with CI/CD tools such as OpenShift pipelines



Pooja Mistry – IBM Developer 

Balaji – Infosys Partner


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