IBM & Instana Present : Road to Enterprise Observability : The benefits and importance of “Immediate Insight” (Part 1)

November 23, 2021 11:00 am EST

** The event will be conducted in Spanish **

As distributed systems grow bigger they become more complex and harder to manage. The amount of data generated by these microservices-based applications is more than any human, or even group of humans can process on their own. Because of this, AIOps is essential for proper management of all the Observability data points. To prevent metric overload, we need to look into the benefits of and importance of Observability.

In this exclusive webinar, designed by IBM Developer and Instana, we will discuss the key differences between (simple) monitoring and (enterprise) observability and dive deeper into the questions and answers, to be answered by the observability insights from our microservices-based application.  

This session will touch on the three pillars of Observability – Health / Performance Metrics, (Distributed) Traces, and Logs, and we will also have a hands-on perspective of the data automatically captured into the Instana platform. 

🎓  In this webinar attendees will learn about:

  • Key concepts and value of (Enterprise) Observability
  • Introduction to Observability-Driven Development
  • Insights to be gained from Distributed Traces on the Instana platform
  • How to apply Observability into your development lifecycle 

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🎙️ Speakers:  
Julia Leyton – Instana Developer Advocate
Josefina Casanova – IBM Developer Advocate

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