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IBM Power AI Vision Deep Learning Real-Time Object Detection @ 67|22

February 2, 2020 1:00 pm EEST

With deep learning: images classifcation and object detections technologies, IBM power AI vision, IBM cloud object storge and IBM machine learning allow us to prepare, train, and test our object detections in real time. the event is converd the following as: 

Introduction to Artificial intelligence Vision.
Examples of AI Vision Object detection in different industries.
Introduction to Machine Learning.
Introduction to Deep Learning.
IBM Cloud Machine Learning.
IBM Cloud Annotations

IBM Cloud Object Storage.
Lab Experiment on IBM Cloud annotation for object detection for the action of body languages & movements. 

67|22 Coworking Space King Abdul Aziz Rd · Riyadh, King Abdul Aziz Branch Rd, Al Muruj, Riyadh 12282, Riyadh, 12282, Saudi Arabia