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IBM & TCS Present: A Modern Approach to Enterprise Application Integration: Connecting Data and Services on the Cloud

March 10, 2021 11:00 am EST

Integrations are the secret weapon behind the great innovations of today. Few new ideas are stand-alone applications. For the most part, they require data and functions from other applications or enterprises.

However, the integration challenge is less about low-level connectivity than it is about the velocity of change. How quickly can ideas be transformed into production, or at least into prototypes, so that new niches can be leveraged?
In this exclusive webinar designed by IBM Developer and TCS, we will explore the modern approaches to innovating with enterprise application integrations. We will delve into the various tools used for enterprise integration on the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration platform. We will also go through a hands-on workshop to create a fully integrated application using IBM App Connect to showcase the agility of integrating applications on the cloud.   
In this webinar attendees will learn about:

  •  Key concepts of application integration and best practices to consider when integrating applications
  • Real-world use cases of enterprise application integration presented by TCS partners
  • Tools and techniques to get started with application integration using IBM App Connect 

In the hands-on workshop we will cover:

  • Basics of connecting enterprise services using App Connect on IBM Cloud
  • Process of connecting databases and APIs to build fully functional event-driven flows
  • Handling messaging with the use of MQ and testing, exporting, and scaling end to end flows  


A free IBM Cloud Account:

Pooja Mistry – IBM Developer Advocate 
Santhosh R.  –  TCS Partner

IBM Developer Partner Event