ING Creative: IBM Developer Workshops


March 15, 2021 5:00 pm GST

1. Build a Snapchat style filter using Cloud Functions by Anchal Bhalla on April 7 at 8:30am to 1:30pm

Have you ever wondered how the filters on Snapchat work? In this code lab you learn how to create a moustache filter app that is built as a serverless application running on the cloud using Cloud Functions.

Serverless computing refers to a model where the existence of servers is entirely abstracted away. Even though servers exist, developers are relieved from the need to care about their operation. They are relieved from the need to worry about low-level infrastructural and operational details such as scalability, high-availability, infrastructure-security, and other details. Serverless computing is essentially about reducing maintenance efforts to allow developers to quickly focus on developing code that adds value. Learn the benefits of serverless by creating your very own serverless application using Cloud Functions in this code lab.

About speaker: Anchal Bhalla is a data scientist and developer advocate at IBM. She is a computer science graduate from the University of Wollongong who has worked on various AI and data science projects.
What to bring: A laptop & sign up for an account on
What is provided: Power and WiFi

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to build cloud native applications using functions as a service (serverless)
  • Build a facial recognition app in minutes
  • Get hands on experience with AI and serverless
  • Learn how Snapchat filters work
  • Building a personalized mustache filter 


2. Style Transfer using Neural Networks by Faiz Hasan on April 8 at 5pm to 10pm

Style Transfer refers to the manipulation of an image to look like another. In this workshop, you will learn how to deploy a machine learning model for style transfer. You will then be able feed the model your images and see style transfer in action.

Ever wondered what your image would look like in a different style? Have you tried websites like and wondered how they work under the hood? In this workshop, you will learn how to use deep learning to overlay an different style onto your image. Style transfer refers to the profess of presenting the contents of one image in the style of another. We will go over some theory about what style transfer is and where deep learning plays a role in it. There will also be a hands-on portion where we will deploy a machine learning model inside a Docker container and use API calls to upload our image and transform its style.

Time: 2 hours
About speaker: Faiz Hasan is a software developer and a developer advocate at IBM. He is also currently a master’s student at the American University of Sharjah. His interests include Artificial Intelligence, Data Science building cloud-native applications.
What to bring: A laptop with Docker installed ( and sign up for an account on
What is provided: Power and WiFi
Key takeaways:

  • Learn what style transfer is
  • Learn how ML & Neural Networks play a part in style transfer
  • Learn (briefly) what microservices architecture is
  • Deploy a style transfer web application

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