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Installing Cloud Pak for Data on OpenShift

December 16, 2021 2:00 pm CET

This is the third and last webinar in a series of deploying Cloud Pak for Data. In the first webinar on November 18, we show how to install OpenShift in the second one on December 9, we install Cloud Pak Foundational Services. Today we will complete this journey by installing IBM Cloud Pak for Data with some Watson services.

In this session, we will show you how to install IBM Cloud Pak for Data V4 with few Watson cartridges (Watson Assistant and Watson Discovery) and OpenShift Data Foundation as a storage backend. We will install this on OpenShift Container Platform V4.7, as shown in the first webinar and using Cloud Pak Foundational Services as shown in the second webinar. 


  • Presentation: Architecture overview
  • Demos:
    • Setup OpenShift Data Foundation (aka OpenShift Container Storage)
    • Install Cloud Pak for Data:
      • Change the required node settings
      • Mirror CASEs and images for air-gapped installation
      • Install Catalogs and Operators from external registry
      • Replace TLS for CPD endpoints
      • Install Watson cartridges: Watson Assistant and Watson Discovery.
    • Using Cloud Pak for Data

Workshop format: technical presentation and demo.