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Installing Cloud Pak Foundation Services on OpenShift

October 12, 2021 2:00 pm EEST

At the September 22 session we deployed an OpenShift 4.7 cluster from scratch, today we will show how to add some common services which can be very important both for using OpenShift and also IBM Cloud Paks. During this session we will learn how to install some general services such as NFS storage and Openshift internal registry, and also setup a custom certificate to all routes used in our cluster. At last but not least we will setup and show Cloud Pak Foundation Services as a base for future Cloud Pak deployments.


  1. Architecture overview
  2. Install some OpenShift common services
    1. Authentication
      1. Simple with HTPASSWD
      2. Enterprise ready with LDAP
    2. Storage
      1. NFS for general usage
      2. Portworx – to use later on with Cloud Pak for Data
    3. Registry
      1. Setup Openshift internal registry
      2. External Registry
    4. Change Ingress TLS
  3. Install IBM Cloud Pak Foundation Services
  4. Demo Cloud Pak Admin Console usage