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Introduction to Data Science with Watson Studio

October 3, 2019  |  Workshop

Introduction to data science with Watson Studio
This workshop will lead participants through a discovery of Watson Studio, IBM’s Cloud Data Science and AI platform.


Hands-on lab will contribute to acquiring practical skills, by providing a first approach to the methodologies and tooling, through examples and hands-on experience.


Attendees will leave with an understanding and appreciation of the many facets of Data Science, and how to begin understanding patterns and deriving insight from their data.


Gain an understanding and appreciation of the practicalities of Data Science using Watson Studio, IBM’s data science and AI platform. Learn how to leverage data within Watson Studio, apply analytics and Machine Learning, to solve data-intensive business problems. Understand Data Science methodology and end-to-end work flow of problem solution including data exploration and preparation, model building, validation, and deployment. Use Watson Studio on IBM Cloud to practice and experiment Data Science through hands-on labs.


This introductory workshop can be later complemented by an advanced session covering Watson Studio’s AI feature, with advanced Machine Learning, timeseries analysis and Deep Learning.

IBM Switzerland, Vulkanstrasse 106, Zurich, 8048 Zürich, Switzerland

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