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IoT Workshop @ M3MAL

June 15, 2019 2:00 pm EET

Join IBM in a Cloud meetup in Alexandria; and cover basics in cloud technologies then deep-dive into IoT in particular. In the hands-on workshop, we will setup and create a web application to visualize IoT device data and view trends and stats of device fields across different days. People aiming for IoT are looking for ways to better understand the usage of devices, how to best utilize them in boosting their business. This code pattern will demonstrate using IBM solutions to read and store IoT device data, and then build a application on top of it. The code pattern uses services offered on IBM Cloud such as IBM Watson IoT Platform and Cloudant DB, in addition to deploying the application to the IBM Cloud. Once setup, the application will display the time-series field data as plots, showing device data trends and statistical analysis. Last but not least, get introduced to Startup with IBM; an initiative offering developers $120,000 of free credits on IBM Cloud.

Ibrahim Nosir St, Louran,, 16, Alexandria, 21613, Egypt