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ISAC-SIMO, a Call for Code Open Source Project

New York

August 16, 2021 12:00 pm ADT

🌹 Hurricanes and typhoons are growing stronger as a result of climate change, and together with earthquakes they continue to disproportionately impact people living in emerging nations where substandard housing is exceptionally commonplace. Join us on August 16 to learn how ISAC-SIMO helps builders, local officials, and homeowners assess the construction quality of newly built or retrofitted homes and detect construction issues before they become life-threatening. Hear from the team at Build Change, an organization dedicated to preventing housing loss caused by disasters, which placed second in the 2018 Call for Code Global Challenge with their solution PD3R (Post-Disaster Rapid Response Retrofit). With the support of Call for Code, Build Change has extended PD3R technology to develop ISAC-SIMO, which is now hosted by The Linux Foundation as an open source project.

🎓 What you will learn:
During this event you will learn about the ISAC-SIMO solution — why it is important, the technology used to make homes safer and more resilient, and how you can get involved.
Also find out how to:
Join the Call for Code community and access resources
Get connected with teammates, experts, and other tech for good developers from around the world
👩‍💻 Meetup agenda:
Introduction to Call for Code, Build Change, and ISAC-SIMO
Discussion on ways you can help now to further development of ISAC-SIMO and enable safe construction practices in areas with lack of technical support

👋🏻 Who should attend?
This IBM Developer event is open to everyone, and we encourage everyone to join the conversation. When we all have empathy for others, we can build amazing things that benefit everyone.

  • IBM Developer Staff