J4K.io – Orlando – October 2020

October 13, 2020 12:00 pm AST

The IBM Developer team is excited to be a Patronage sponsor at the initial J4K.io event, an exciting brand new conference that combines the best of open source and middleware communities for developing applications on Kubernetes. With containers and Kubernetes gaining ever increasing traction in the market join us at this event to explore and gain deeper insights into the benefits of hybrid and multicloud environments built on trusted, secure, scalable K8s environments. Whether you are looking to modernize your existing monolithic applications into new cloud-native architectures and platforms, or you are building new microservices-based apps, on private or public cloud platforms, using the latest Java and Kubernetes technologies, we’ll be there to help you on your journey.

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Tuesday     Oct 13 @ 10:00: 
Cloud Native Microservice with MicroProfile, Docker, Kubernetes, Istio and OpenShift by Emily Jiang

Tuesday      Oct 13 @ 13:00:
Java on Kubernetes 101 by Billy Korando

Wednesday Oct 14 @ 10:00:
Transforming your application with MicroProfile Reactive Messaging by Grace Jansen


Tuesday     Oct 13 @ 13:00:
Live Coding 12-Factor App with MicroProfile and Kubernetes by Emily Jiang

Wednesday Oct 14 @ 10:00:
Zero-downtime deployments with Kubernetes & Istio by Sebastian Daschner

Wednesday Oct 14 @ 10:00:
Thirst-Quenching Streams for the Reactive Mind by Mary Grygleski

Wednesday Oct 14 @ 13:00:
Microservices made easy with MicroProfile, OpenJ9, Open Liberty and OpenShift by Jamie L Coleman

IBM Booth:

Be sure to stop by the IBM Booth to talk to our speakers and other subject matter experts about all things Java for Kubernetes, including modernizing your core Java based applications and building new cloud-native applications. IBM continues to drive and contribute to key open source technologies that enable modern java applications, including Jakarta EE, Eclipse MicroProfile, Eclipse OpenJ9, Open Liberty, Kubernetes and more. Also get hands-on experience through QuickLabs featuring Open Liberty, Red Hat OpenShift, and Microservices.

Orlando, United States