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JConf Central America 2020

December 5, 2020 10:00 am CDT

JConf Central America is a yearly event, aimed to create a hub for Java leaders, enthusiasts and developers in Central America and the World :).The event is promoted by Central America Java User Groups, which holds monthly meetings open for everyone, giving a space for discussion in Java(as JVM) related topics. Event’s main objective is to promote Java as platform by promoting open knowledge as other spaces already existent in worldwide cities.

JConf Central America born from the oldest Java conference in Central America (JConf Guatemala, Since 2011) , being the most successful Java event in the region (as far as we know 🙂 ). The event presents talks and workshops in three/four tracks, allowing attendees to have access in a free/libre/gratis way to this knowledge.

The event is the result of constant meetings between JUG members, being open for everyone.

Guatemala City, Guatemala