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Karachi AI | Meetup : Delivering Data Science Applications

August 22, 2020 2:00 pm UTC

A technical and domain knowledge based hands on – coding session where various national and international speakers from IBM, Google and Amazon will discuss and present the approach to deliver data science and machine learning applications via renowned and new cloud frameworks such as StreamLit, PyCaret, Rapid Miner, IBM Watson, Amazon AI, Microsoft Azure, Google ML and many more.

The sessions will allow attendees to accumulate technical knowledge of implementation and latest tools to deliver ML applications

🎓What will you learn?

  • PyCaret
  • Streamlit
  • IBM Watson
  • Azure ML
  • AWS AI
  • GCP ML
  • Rapid Miner

👩‍💻 Who should attend?

  • AI/DS Enthusiasts
  • Business Gurus
  • Students and Developers
  • Domain Professionals
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineers
  • ML Ops


  • Basic Understanding of AI and Data Science
  • Create free IBM Cloud Account 


🎙 Speakers & Topics:

  • Topic 1: Using Streamlit for quick prototyping deploying FAST API based ML service.
    Speaker : Mesum Raza Hemani
  • Topic 2: Building fair and explainable AI pipelines
    Speaker : Dr. Margriet Groenendijk
  • Topic 3 : Classifying Churn Customers using IBM Watson Studio
    Speaker : Huzaifah Saleem
  • Topic 4 : Using AWS Sage Maker for end to end
    Speaker : Talal Shoukat
  • Topic 5 : Using Google Cloud ML for end to end application of Data Science & ML.
    Speaker : Mustafa Ali
  • Topic 6 : Solve Business problems with no coding ML flow with Knime analytics
    Speaker : Scott Fincher
  • Topic 7 : Using PyCaret 2.0 ML framework end to end deployments on Azure & Docker.
    Speaker : Moeez Ali Sajwani

Please check event page for more details:

Karachi, Pakistan