KCJUG – February Meetup

February 20, 2020 5:00 pm CST

This talk will introduce the CompletableFuture class, introduced in Java 8 to enhance Java’s Concurrency API. The CompletableFuture class and associated interfaces provide a new way to perform asynchronous operations without having to perform complex thread manipulation. By adding the CompletableFuture class, Java now has a facility similar to JavaScript Promises and the Async/Await model used by Python, C#, and NodeJS.

The CompletableFuture class uses lambdas and functional interfaces to accomplish things asynchronously in Java. We will take a look at how to implement some simple Lambdas with the CompletableFuture class to handle results.
Asynchronous Java

About the speaker:
Jim is the Lead Technical Architect at YRC Worldwide. He started his professional software development career the Kansas City area in 1988 after graduating from Graceland University (IA) with a degree in Computer Science. Jim has worked with a wide range of technologies over the years including C++, JavaScript, Java, and C#/VB.net. His current interests include Java Spring, JavaScript, PowerShell, Python, Serverless Cloud Computing, and Functional Programming.