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Kickstart your Data Science Career


November 27, 2020 2:00 pm GST

Are you interested in pursuing a career in Data Science? Are you wondering how to kickstart your Data Science career? If yes, then this is the place for you!

Learn. Connect. Grow.

Join us in this 3-day conference in which IBM Data Science experts will be talking about hot topics in Data Science to boost your knowledge and career expertise. Get a Hands-on journey with Technical labs on Data Science. Attend a variety of lightning talks on Data Science business use-cases, NLP, AI ethics, and a panel discussion with Data Science experts who will also answer your questions live.
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👩‍💻 Agenda

Day 1
– Welcome! (2:00 pm)
– Teaching computers to read – A short history of Natural Language Processing by Ed Shee, Developer Advocate, UK (2:15 pm)
– Beyond accuracy: Fairness and Explainability in machine learning by Margriet Groenendijk, Developer Advocate, UK (3:00 pm)
– Office hours

Day 2
– Welcome! (6:00 pm)
– Decision Making with Data – Part 1 by Siddharth Bisht, Data Scientist, India (6:15 pm)
– ML Ops by Muhammed Abdullah, Data Scientist, Pakistan (7:15 pm)
– Office hours

Day 3
– Welcome! (6:00 pm)
– Decision Making with Data – Part 2 by Siddharth Bisht, Data Scientist, India (6:15 pm)
– Auto ML by Samaya Madhavan, Advisory Software Engineer, US (7:15 pm)
– Panel Discussion – Data Science Career with guest speakers Sabine Holl, Abeer Haroon, Anchal Bhalla, Gabriela de Queiroz, Jatin Gupta (8:15 pm)
– Closing Keynote & Summary(9:20 pm)
– Office hours

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