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Learn how COBOL and open source are used in modern mainframe ecosystem

July 8, 2020 9:30 am MDT

The current COBOL standard was released in 2014 and the latest IBM Z mainframe was released in April 2020. Contrary to being legacy technologies, development is still incredibly active on both and together they still easily handle a large number of mission critical workloads, from airlines to banks, around the world. You’ll even find mainframes in IBM Cloud, driving secure key handling, encrypted databases, and secure, Linux-based, virtual machines.

In this talk you’ll hear from a former cloud-focused Linux Systems Administrator who has recently joined the world of COBOL and mainframes to learn about what she’s discovered about the ecosystem, and the modern, DevOps-driven tooling now available to developers entering this space.

🎓 What will you learn?
In this talk developers will learn:

  • What do modern COBOL and mainframes look like?
  • How is open source playing a major role in the modern mainframe ecosystem?
  • What kinds of DevOps tools are being made available to mainframe developers?

👩‍💻Who should attend?

  • Developers and DevOps practitioners who are curious about how today’s COBOL and mainframes integrate into a modern environment.

📚 Pre-requisites

  • None

🎙 Speakers

  • Elizabeth K. Joseph, IBM Z Developer Advocate, https://twitter.com/pleia2