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Location Services with HERE Technologies and IBM – Create a mobile app to facilitate community collaboration

July 21, 2020 7:00 pm MSK

Technology sessions to enable the attendees and participants to understand location services and applications related to maps. It will include Market insights on industry trends and an overview of the available tools and platforms in addition to an introduction to HERE Location Services and HERE platform.

Participants will get an overview of HERE Location Services and how to use them. A series of 8 sessions will empower you with the right tools for your development.

In each part of the series, you will have a hands-on opportunity to learn how to build a location-based project with HERE Technologies, the world’s #1 location platform. Get a head start today by signing up for IBM Cloud via →

Part 3: Create a mobile app to facilitate Community Collaboration

Use this starter kit to understand how you can create a mobile application that enables community-based cooperation in times of crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. Mobile, web, and cloud services enable rapid deployment of applications that can empower cooperation in the community. Watson Assistant is a service on IBM Cloud that allows you to build, train, and deploy conversational interactions into any application, device, or channel. Creating a chatbot using Watson Assistant can help you address the issues that your users can face while trying to gather the necessary information. Embedding location/routing services can enhance such applications, giving optimum guidance so that they are outside of their isolation location for the minimum amount of time.

🎓 Learning outcomes

  • Explore Watson Studio
  • Explore HERE native Mobile SDK (Android and iOS)
  • Explore HERE Routing API

👩‍💻 Who should attend?

  • Web Developers
  • Mobile Developers
  • Backend Developers
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Product managers


  1. Please register with HERE Developer Program and get your account ready and IBM Cloud ( and get your account ready to follow along – Free Access!
  2. Be prepared with the GitHub resources
  3. Bring your Coffee/Tea and enjoy the journey