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Make Apps Efficient with Serverless

December 9, 2018  |  Meetup

Curious about serverless computing, but haven't had a chance to dig in? Wondering what all the excitement is about? Join us at AstroLabs to get started with it in an interesting way and to get a hands-on experience. Expected Experience Level: BEGINNER AGENDA: 1. Intro to Serverless computing. Serverless computing is a cloud-computing execution model in which the cloud provider acts as the server, dynamically managing the allocation of machine resources. It is a form of utility computing. 2. Recognized ideal use cases for Serverless solutions. 3. Code lab: Build and Deploy a serverless application. Prerequisite: – Bring a laptop so that you may follow along with the lab. – Please sign up for IBM Cloud before the event using this link ( See you there!


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