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Node-RED Series: Getting Started with Node-RED Essentials

June 11, 2020 12:30 pm ADT

Have you ever wanted to make applications but weren’t sure how to get started ? If so, come join our special three-part masterclass series to learn how you can get up and running with Node-RED!

Node-RED is a low-code programming environment for event-driven applications. It is very easy to get started with and is a great open source tool for beginners and experienced developers alike.  It can be used for APIs, Databases, IoT devices, Web Sockets, Emails, Scripting, Image Processing, cloud computing, edge computing, creating websites and so much more!

In each part of the series you will have a hands-on opportunity to learn how to build a Node-RED based project. Get a head start today by signing up for IBM Cloud via → https://ibm.biz/BdqSUk

Part 1 : Node-RED Essentials

Come learn about the essentials of getting started with Node-RED. From creating your first flow, to wiring nodes together, to using the sidebar, to managing messages, you will quickly learn Node-RED fundamental skills in this webinar. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand how to creating a Node-RED Starter application in IBM Cloud
  • How to create and deploy flows in Node-RED
  • Importing and Exporting flows
  • Prototyping with Watson APIs


John Walicki (@johnwalicki) the CTO for Edge/IoT Advocacy in the Developer Ecosystem Group of IBM Cognitive Applications Group. As an IBM Developer Advocate with deep expertise in IoT, he inspires developers to build solutions with the powerful Watson IoT capabilities, Watson Cognitive APIs and IBM Cloud. He helps developers create custom IoT and embedded Linux solutions for their industrial and educational use cases.

Pooja Mistry (@poojamakes) is a Developer Advocate for the IBM Cloud Platform. She works on expanding the reach of IBM’s technology to New York City’s developer community. Her area of interest includes prototyping with Node-RED, analyzing data, creating custom models with AI/ML services, NLU/NLP, building chatbots, and using open source libraries and SDKs to develop fun and exciting projects! Pooja is passionate about the intersection of technology and the community. She loves to learn, teach, and share her knowledge with the developer ecosystem. She strongly believes in helping new technologists get up and running with technology and feel confident in their abilities to make!


Upcoming Sessions:

Part 2 : Node-RED Dashboard and UI Techniques (https://www.crowdcast.io/e/node-red-series-2)
Dashboards are incredibly useful in a variety of industries.  Come learn how to use Node-RED to build effective dashboards to provide application insights, plot metrics, and visualize data. In this session you will build useful dashboards and learn UI techniques to enhance any application.

Learning outcomes: 
Creating effective dashboards and visualizing data 
Working with APIs within dashboards 
Visualizing AI services within dashboards

Part 3 : Building end to end Node-RED Application (https://www.crowdcast.io/e/node-red-series-3)
After learning Node-RED essentials and dashboard and UI techniques in part 1 and 2 of the series, we will take all of these concepts and build an end to end application using Node-RED. You will learn how to implement APIs and use custom nodes to build a Covid-19 Disease tracker application that is deployed in the cloud.

Learning outcomes: 
How to build a fully scaled application 
How to work with custom nodes 
How to deploy application to the cloud