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Office Hours during Code at Think 2021

May 10, 2021 9:00 am ADT

Code @ Think Office Hours

Office Hours are 25 minute live and interactive sessions, delivered interview style, to enable you to pose your questions to the subject matter experts who delivered ondemand sessions in the Code track at Think 2021.

Join us on the IBM Developer Twitch or Youtube sites to engage the speakers for the Code @ Think sessions. They will be live and ready for your questions on the date and time listed below.

Date & Time                Session Title & Speakers

May 11, 1:00 pm EDT        1823 Introducing IBM Cloud Code Engine: Enjoy your cloud again  with Doug Davis, Uwe Fassnacht

May 11, 2:00 pm EDT        1662 Create a low-code AI application with IBM Cloud Pak for Data and Palantir  with Steve Martinelli, Nanfei Yan

May 11, 2:30 pm EDT        1984 Lessons learned: migrating Liferay DXP to Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud  with Tim Robinson, Jesse Rao

May 12, 7:00 am EDT        1878 MSSQL Database Migration from anywhere to IBM Cloud Managed Postgres SQL. with Gyalgin Sherpa, Roby Van Damme

May 12, 7:30 am EDT        1267 A modern approach to enterprise application integration  with Pooja Mistry, Santhosh Ramanathan

May 12, 8:00 am EDT        1127 Modernize with containers: Migrating legacy applications with Pooja Mistry, Manisha

May 12, 8:30 am EDT        2083 Now is the time for open cloud-native Java!  with YK Chang, Ivar Grimstad, Emily Jiang

May 12, 9:00 am EDT        2068 Accelerating time to value with APIs, ecosystem partners and developer experience with Peter Gollmar, Debasish Roy, Richard Suesselbeck, Vidhan Bhonsle

May 12, 10:00 am EDT      1196 CFMR – Cloud Foundry Migration Runtime with Ed Shee, Daniel Vaughan, Jeff Bunagan

May 12, 10:30 am EDT      1861 Detecting toxin exposure in wildfire response with Prometeo, a Call for Code winning solution with Prometeo Team: Salome Valero, Marco Rodriguez with IBM Service Corps: Daniel Krook, John Segrave-Daly, Laura J Mokrzycki, George Zacharakis-jutz, Marisol Elizabeth Santiillan

May 12, 11:30 am EDT      2046 Cloud-native storage for AI/ML application pipeline use cases with IBM Cloud Pak for Data with Ripul Patel, Ankur Desai, Shivam Solanki