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May 1, 2020 4:00 pm GST

Since the start of the One Million Arab Coders (OMAC) initiative, we’ve been preparing for the future, addressing the vast demand for coders to cover the need for programmers as the world moves toward being a digital place.

With the condition of the Coronavirus spread, the future has arrived, the future we have been preparing for is right now. This is our turn when technology-based products & services are the only way to make this new reality a better place for everyone. This is the time for you, for Arab fighters, the innovators, and the givers, to come and join us while we make our tomorrow more hopeful.

This Online Hackathon is an opportunity for problem-solvers, developers, designers, marketers, subject-matter experts, and other powerful networks of innovators to build tech-based solutions that result in social impact, to address some of the challenges posed by COVID-19. Challenges related to the world lock-down, the need for people to be connected with their healthcare providers, the need to maintain our mental health, and to support each other, also figure out work and study remotely arrangements, and more.

We’re looking for all Arab heroes, for creators, and change-makers to be part of this hackathon, to help shape a new world that is more technology-oriented to contain the implications of the virus. We encourage you to form multi-disciplinary teams and use the technologies of your choice to develop solutions. Feel free to explore any potential innovations.

IBM Workshop on Sunday, May 17th at 4 pm (GMT+4):
Create a crisis communication chatbot and connect it to news and COVID-19 data sources
In times of crisis, chatbots can help people quickly find answers they need to critical questions. In the case of a pandemic like COVID-19, people might be trying to find basic information about testing, symptoms, community response, and other resources.
In this workshop, we will walk you through Watson Assistant, Watson Discovery and IBM Cloud Functions. Learn how to use these technologies to build cognitive applications in a short period of time.
We will build a crisis communication chatbot using IBM® Watson™ Assistant and add webhooks to Watson Assistant to query for dynamic data using Watson Discovery and COVID-19 APIs.


  • Some programming knowledge is required
  • You need an IBM Cloud account for the workshop so sign up or login to your account here:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates