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“One-shot” Enterprise Deployment of IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation

October 7, 2021 2:00 pm EEST

Is Cloud Pak for Business Automation (CP4BA) demo deployment not enough for you? Working on more serious CP4BA engagement? Then you need the CP4BA enterprise deployment. Looking for a straightfoward way to make it work and customize it for your specific purposes? This is the right webinar to attend. The “One-shot” CP4BA Deployment makes the deployment easy for a specific setup allowing you to quickly create a running environment not only for playing around, education, demonstrations, and PoCs but also for project-level custom deployments.

We will be using RedHat OpenShift Kubernetes Service (ROKS) as the underlying infrastructure allowing us to run managed ROKS on IBM Cloud. The same principles can be applied to other OpenShift clusters deployed elsewhere. The “One-shot” Enterprise CP4BA Deployment has:
– Simplified installation sequence in terms of configuration steps needed.
– Completely containerized deployment incl. containerized pre-reqs which are included and pre-configured for you with no additional effort – esp. DB2 database and LDAP.
– No explicit bastion node needed, no common server needed for the deployment itself. Just a managed OpenShift cluster is enough – ROKS, also ROSA, ARO look good so far. You can of course use your own OpenShift cluster.
– No external configuration machine needed – all the configuration runs directly in the OpenShift cluster itself.
– Can be used as a baseline for your own deployments with customer specific databases, LDAPs and integrations – the enterprise pattern is completely open for customizations, compared with demo deployment.
– Additional management tools are automatically installed and configured to make your life even easier – for database, LDAP, Elasticsearch etc.We are going to show you live how things work and provide underlying technical details. You will be also provided with additional reference materials. 

The capabilities available in enterprise deployment include these IBM technologies:
– Business Automation Workflow – evolution of merged IBM BPM and IBM Case Manager discussed on one of our previous sessions
– Operational Decision Manager
– FileNet Content Manager
– Automation Document Processing
– Business Automation Insights
– Automation Decision Services
– Business Automation Application 

On top, we will also add capabilities from IBM Automation Foundation: Process Mining and Robotic Process Automation

– Introduction to IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation deployments
– CP4BA “One-shot” Enterprise Deployment on ROKS practically
– Q&A