Online Hands-on Lab: Build a Smart Bot with Slack, Block Kit and Watson

June 12, 2020

In this interactive workshop, David Nugent from IBM Developer SF City Team will walk you through building a bot using Slack’s API and IBM Watson.

🤖 Dave will cover how to build a Slack bot with Slack API using Node SDK, and improve the bot with Slack’s new Block Kit Builder and make the bot smarter using IBM Watson.

💻 This is an interactive workshop, so bring your laptop and code along! This session uses Node.js, however, you should be able to follow if you have a general understanding in any programming language. All you need is a Chrome browser to try out the sample code.

⏱ Agenda
– Introductions, intro to Slack API including Block Kit
– Hands on Lab: Build a Slack Bot
– Introduction to Watson Assistant
– Hands on Lab: Make your Bot Smarter with Watson
– Next Steps for Your Bot
– Webinar End