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[Online] Slash Hackathon: CallForCode Watson Assistant Workshop


April 29, 2020 12:00 pm BST

This is a digital Hands-On Workshop that is part of the virtual //Slash Meetup about CallforCode

genda:Workshop Time: 01:00am-02:00pm

Workshop Speaker: Klaus-Peter Schlotter


Virtual //Slash Meetup: How to use tech to fight COVID-19 and Climate Change (powered by IBM)

Where? Virtual,

What? The //Slash Meetup gives 50 – 100 members of the //Slash community and all interested students the possibility to learn more about how they can use tech to fight COVID-19 and climate change. In collaboration with Call for Code by IBM you get the chance to learn more about the biggest problems of our time and get the chance to find solutions and ways to solve them. Kickstart your next project and become part of the Call for Code challenge.



Berlin, Germany