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Online Workshop – a moderator using NLP, VR and Serverless

July 11, 2019 4:30 am GMT

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Most of us use some sort of messaging/collaboration applications in our work places. Join us in this hands-on online meetup to create a chat moderator from scratch. We will be using the following services during the workshop:

– Natural Language Understanding: to detect different sentiments and emotions in text sent in Slack channels

– Visual Recognition: to detect offensive images sent in Slack channels

– Apache OpenWhisk: to glue together different pieces and create a complete application

Who is this workshop for?

– Junior developers who want to see how to glue together different services and build an application from scratch

– Learn about hooking together different APIs using Serverless as the glue

– Developers interested in learning more about IBM services on the cloud

– Fun folks who want to do some pair programming!

In order to take full advantage of this workshop, please do not forget to sign up for a FREE IBM Cloud account prior to the workshop by using the link below.

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Speaker: Upkar Lidder, IBM Developer Advocate

Upkar Lidder is a Full Stack Developer and Data Wrangler with a decade of development experience in a variety of roles. He can be seen speaking at various conferences and participating in local tech groups and meetups. Upkar went to graduate school in Canada and currently resides in the United States.