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Open Networking & Edge Summit 2021

October 11, 2021 9:00 am PDT

Open Networking & Edge Summit is the ONE event for End to End Connectivity Solutions powered by Open Source. It enables the collaborative development necessary to shape the future of networking and edge computing. Join us October 11-12 for the following sessions:

Keynote: Innovating at the Edge
Speaker: Rob High, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for the IBM Edge Computing portfolio

The future that we have all envisioned for edge computing has arrived. Real innovation is being deployed in an edge device on the high seas. The Mayflower project was conceived to demonstrate the power of autonomously driving ships to conduct maritime research, and prove that edge computing can be harnessed to made a major difference to the world we live in. 

Tutorial: Deploy and manage AI models on edge devices at scale
Speaker: John Walicki, IBM Developer Advocate – Edge / IoT

Powered by open source project Open Horizon, IBM Edge Application Manager is a hybrid cloud solution that runs on Red Hat OpenShift and allows AI, analytics, and IoT enterprise workloads to be deployed and autonomously managed through a single administrator console.  IEAM is designed to help clients move data and applications seamlessly across hybrid cloud environments, from private data centers to the edge. Join this tutorial and learn how to use Cloud Native containerization techniques to unlock the true potential of edge and efficiently deploy, operate and manage thousands of endpoints throughout an enterprise, including remote locations at the far edge of the cloud.

Los Angeles, 90015, United States