Open Source@IBM User Group Day

May 20, 2020 8:00 am AST

Open Source@IBM – IBM User Group Day

Join IBM Open Source developers for an online day of workshops, hands-on labs, and sessions. Learn about the technologies you use every day.

The IBM User Group Day – Open Source@IBM track is a full day of training from experts. Check out the May 20th Open Source @ IBM agenda

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08:00am ET – Join the Fight against COVID-19 – Call for Code – John Walicki | IBM Developer Advocate @IBM

08:30am ET – What is developer joy? Having fun with Cloud Native Java with Quarkus and Microprofile – Pratik Patel | Lead Developer Advocate @IBM

09:30am ET – Building the fabric of trust with Hyperledger Fabric 2.0, the Blockchain framework for the Enterprise – Arnaud Le Hors | Senior Technical Staff Member Blockchain & Web Open Technologies @IBM

10:00am ET – Jupyter Notebooks for the JavaScript Developer – va barbosa | developer advocate @IBM

10:30am ET – Shipping Daily!! How Containers, Kubernetes, and OpenShift are Changing the Shipping of Cloud Native Applications – Brad Topol | IBM Distinguished Engineer, Open Technology and Developer Advocate CTO for Kubernetes Technologies @IBM

11:00am ET – Building, Scaling and Managing Cloud Native apps using Knative serverless and Istio Service Mesh – Michael Maximilien | CTO for OSS Serverless @IBM

12:30pm ET – Beginner Friendly – Kubernetes and OpenShift Hands-on Workshop – Steve Martinelli | Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) @IBM

01:30pm ET – Open source models and datasets: MAX and DAX – Saishruthi Swaminathan | IBM Data Scientist and Developer Advocate @IBM

02:00pm ET – How Open Source Project Elyra can help in the Fight against COVID-19 – Luciano Resende | Building multi-tenant, scalable and secure Data Science and AI platforms @IBM



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