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Operating Kubernetes on IBM Cloud

October 27, 2021 4:00 pm EEST

When using Kubernetes on IBM, you can benefit from CI/CD toolchain that is pre-integrated with your Kubernetes cluster. Using such a toolchain can fully automate your application’s deployment, thus significantly reducing the DevOps workload. You will learn how to create and configure an open toolchain, then use it to set up automatic deployment of a simple Chat web app in Kubernetes cluster on IBM Cloud. 

Part 1
By the end of this workshop, you’ll achieve these objectives:

  • Understand core concepts of Kubernetes
  • Build a Docker image and deploy an application on Kubernetes in the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service
  • Control application deployments, while minimizing your time with infrastructure management
  • Add AI services to extend your app
  • Secure and monitor your cluster and app

Part 2
Through these hands-on labs, you’ll achieve these objectives:

  • Scaffold a starter application
  • Deploy the application to the Kubernetes cluster using Helm
  • Enabling access to your cluster using the IBM-provided domain
  • Monitor the logs and health of the cluster using the Kubernetes dashboard.
  • Deploy an application to a Kubernetes cluster to generate log entries.
  • Access and analyze different types of logs to troubleshoot problems and pre-empt issues.
  • Gain operational visibility into the performance and health of your app and the cluster running your app.
  • Workshop format: technical presentation, demo and hands-on exercises.

Speaker: Aco Vidovic, Hybrid Cloud Build Team Leader, IBM Central & Eastern Europe

Audience: software developers, Kubernetes admins, DevOps

Prerequisites for attendees:

  • Basic understanding of Docker and Kubernetes technologies: images, registries, containers, pods, deployments, services.
  • Basic understanding of key Git commands: push, commit, fork
  • Laptop to perform exercises
  • IBM Cloud account https://ibm.biz/Bdf8XQ

After these workshops you can earn an Operating Kubernetes on IBM Cloud badge!

Share your new skills with your network: https://www.credly.com/org/ibm/badge/operating-kubernetes-on-ibm-cloud