Perform analytics on Blockchain transactions with DB2

December 11, 2020 3:00 pm EET

This webinar showcases the use of blockchain in insurance domain for claim processing. We want to leverage IBM Db2 federation capabilities to perform SQL analytics on a sample blockchain insurance application using Hyperledger Fabric. We also go through the Apache Zeppelin notebook which is used to perform analytics by querying the blockchain using IBM Db2 and SQL.


Such an application would have four participants: insurance, police, repair shop, and the shop. Furthermore, each participant will own its own peer node. he value of running this network on the IBM Blockchain Platform is that you can easily customize the network infrastructure as needed, whether that is the location of the nodes, the CPU and RAM of the hardware, the endorsement policy needed to reach consensus, or adding new organizations and members to the network.


🎓 What you will learn
– Blockchain Basics
– Leveraging Blockchain Smart Contracts
– Provisioning and configuring Db2 instance
– Querying Blockchain via Zeppelin Notebooks using Db2 and SQL to perform analytics on blockchain transactions.


👩‍💻 Who should attend
– Developers and anyone interested in Blockchain, Analytics, and IBM Db2


🎙️ Speakers
– Sbusiso Mkhombe, IBM Developer Advocate, South Africa
– Harmony Mncube, IBM Z Software Engineer, South Africa


☑️ Prerequisites
– Docker + Docker Compose
– NPM and nvm
– Node.js
– Git client
– Python
– Sign up for your IBM Cloud account –
– Register for the live stream and access the replay –


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