Prometeo – Firefighters Health Platform, a Call for Code Open Source Project

April 26, 2021 11:00 am CDT

🌹Prometeo protects those who protect us – the firefighters. Prometeo created  and continues to develop a prototype sensor which sends environmental telemetry  processed by AI to monitor fire fighter health risk.   This project tracks real-time status, and endeavors to use data to make suggestions and improve health outcomes in the long run for fire fighters in the field. 

🎓 What you will learn: During this event you will learn about Prometeo – why this solution is important, the technology used to protect our firefighters, and how you can get involved!

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👩‍💻 Meetup Agenda:
– Introduction to Prometeo and the background of this project
– The technology behind the Prometeo project including IBM IoT platform, Node-RED, and IBM  Cloud Kubernetes Service 
– How you can get involved in the further deployment of this innovative project!

👋🏻 Who should attend?
Devlopers and technologists interested in IoT, Node-RED and application deployment.

🎙 Speakers
Marco Rodriguez
Salome Valero
Joan Herrera