Quirky 30 Webinar- Cape Town – 10/22/2019

October 22, 2019 2:00 pm EET

Description: Quirky 30 is a non-profit company providing free training to underprivileged/disadvantaged youth in coding, design, cloud, and entrepreneurship skills. It is a service and product-based enterprise, powered by graduates of Quirky 30, that develops website and mobile applications for clients across the globe. We will be giving IBM cloud overview and do follow up webinars on AI,Blockchain and Machine Learning Partnered location:NO Hot topic area: AI, Blockchain and Machine Learning Code content: https://github.com/IBM/watson-conversation-slots-intro Sales team interlock: No Local tech community: University/school dropouts, unemployed developers Follow up plan to secure continuity of active users: – Follow up email to the attendees with relevant IBM Code resources