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Rapid Prototyping a Tweet Analyzer

July 15, 2019  |  Meetup

As developers, it can often take a lot of time, effort and programming knowledge to quickly and effectively bring an idea from concept to creation. Even with the countless libraries out there, we can sometimes find our selves reinventing the wheel when it comes to building out ideas into production.

Node-RED eases this pain by providing a fast and easy way to create flow based programs to get your ideas running on either web applications, dashboards and IoT devices in minutes. It is very easy to get started with and is a great open source tool for beginners who want to write and understand programming flow. It can be used for APIs, Databases, IOT devices, Web Sockets, Emails, Scripting, Image Processing, Cloud computing, edge computing, creating websites and lot more one can think of doing it based on Node JS.

Social media plays a huge role in our communication and every word, photo, video and follower on Twitter can provide useful data for developers looking to gather insights for their prototypes. In this talk & demo we will go over the basics of building out flows with Node Red and how we can use it as a quickly and easily analyze these Tweets.

54 W 21st Street, Suite 1001, New York City, New York, 10010, United States

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