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Reactive and event streaming app development with Apache Kafka and Java


August 8, 2020 3:00 pm GST

This workshop is part of the Build Smart on Kubernetes World Tour series

In the two-part tutorial covered in this workshop, you will work with Java, Reactive Messaging APIs, Apache Kafka, and Red Hat OpenShift.

In Part 1, you learn how to build a server-side Java application using the Quarkus framework.

This tutorial shows how to build an event-driven, streams-optimized Kafka-based Java application that uses the Reactive Messaging APIs. This new reactive programming paradigm is a key skill for your future Apache Kafka-centric applications. Check out the link to see the workshop exercises. Complete the lab to learn the following skills:

  • In-line filter and transform events
  • Connect, split, and aggregate streams to streams

In Part 2, you learn how to build reactive Java microservices using the Eclipse MicroProfile Reactive Messaging API and Open Liberty. Complete the lab to learn the following skills:

  • Reactive microservices
  • Apache Kafka
  • OpenShift 

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates